I met this Douglas’s Squirrel in the woods the other day. I hadn’t seen one in quite some time. She was dining on Douglas Fir cones as if they were corn-on-the-cob. (I don’t know if the tree and the squirrel are named after the same Douglas.)

Douglas’s Squirrels are also called Chickarees. They are pretty small squirrels, a little over half the size of the ubiquitous Eastern Gray Squirrel, here seen on the roof of a shed in town:

Unlike the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the Chickaree has an orange belly:

When she had enough of me watching her eat dinner, she retreated to a nearby tree. There, she could satisfy her curiosity in relative safety:

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    1. Funny thing, those are indeed Red Squirrels on Vancouver Island. I had no idea. According to the trusty field guide Douglas’s Squirrel isn’t found there. Red Squirrels look a lot like Douglas’s except the back is redder and the belly is white. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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