The Hiccup of Love

This is the time of year when spring moves from deepest slumber into dreaming. Buds already appear on some bare branches, as if willing the world onward to warmer days ahead. The mountains gleam with snow, and steady rains swell the rivers and creeks:

Above the torrent, a beautiful pair of Common Goldeneyes:

I crouch beside a shrub on the stream bank, hoping to get a better look. The first ducks to swim past are two splendid Mallards:

I almost don’t see the female, so effective is her camouflage.

Presently, the male Common Goldeneye swims into view, winding up for something:

He extends his long neck and leans back, paddling forward all the while:

Until he attains this position, holding it for a few moments:

Abruptly, his head springs up like a catapult, while he utters a bizarre, buzzy hiccup of a call:

It seems love has myriad voices!

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