Eyes of Gold

On a sea of green. A group of Barrow’s Goldeneyes shows how to get all your ducks in a row:

They form up into lines, and when the leader arrives at the right spot he or she dives, followed by the others. Each duck waits until the one in front of it is under water before it also dives. They bob up to the surface after a minute or so and repeat the process.

Next, a notable variation of the technique, which I’ve dubbed the “reverse arrowhead formation”:

The first in line may be a female or male duck. There seems to be no squabbling about who takes the lead. Here, it’s ladies first:

A smart looking male holds the center in this group:

From head on, the wide beams of these goldeneyes remind me of battleships forming a battle line:

If you are curious about these beautiful ducks, there is more information here:


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